About us

The Board

The board of S.U. Tipcy for the academic year 2018 – 2019 consist out of:


Janine Bezemer

Board President


Dexter Voermans

Vice President


Vedra van Wijk




HR Manager


Frederique Moor

Marketing & media manager


Nikki Hendriks

PR manager


Sander van Dolder

Business club manager





At S.U. Tipcy it is possible to be part of different committees. These committees are an important part of our union and together with the Executive Board they continue running. Committees are also a good way to for yourself to expand your horizons. You learn a lot of qualities that are in the classroom sometimes difficult to obtain.


As a committee member, you actively participate ‘behind-the-scenes’ of S.U. Tipcy and in collaboration with the board members and other committees, you will make sure our organization runs smoothly. The active members are the backbone of our organisation.


Event committee

The event Committee is under the supervision of the Vice President. It is a Commission which takes care of the activities within the union. This includes, for example, the introduction day, the gala, the End of the year party, etc


Marketing Committee

The Marketing committee is supportive to the Marketing & media managers of the board. Just like the marketing & media manager they are responsible for  handles all organization-wide marketing activities as well as helping maintain a good internal communication. The marketing committee’s biggest task is event promotion offline and online. Next to it, they also take part in the general promotion, such as recruitment campaigns. They also produce the promotional materials, such as banners and videos.


Public relations committee

The Public relations Committee is supportive to the Public relations manager of the Board. Just like the PR manager is responsible for maintaining good relationships with local partner and arranging more partnerships on a local level. They also manage everything around the Tipcy membership cards including inventory, maintenance, customer care and making sure every partner is registered on the website of S.U. Tipcy.


Tender declaration committee

The Tender declaration committee is a committee that consists of two or more persons. This committee monitors the expenditure and the financial policy of the Board. It is headed by the president of the Board and brings two times per year, or, if desirable, more, report to the General Members Meeting about the standing of financials.


Business club committee

The Business club is a committee that every third Tuesday of the month, a workshop or masterclass organize. This happens in different locations and the themes are related to the interests of the members of S.U. Tipcy. You can think of Linked-inn workshop, but also to a master class communication.


Study trip committee

The study trip committee is a committee that is responsible to organize the yearly study trip of S.U. Tipcy to a foreign country. Their task is to guide the study trip in the right direction.